Letters From A Coward

by Sic Bacchus

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Xaq Rothman
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Xaq Rothman Somehow pretty and brutal at the same time. A quantum leap from the 7". Everything sounds so crisp, and all of the performances are fantastic. The vocals in particular are always powerful and occasionally astonishing. Favorite track: Mass.
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released November 12, 2013

recorded in two sessions: january and may, 2013 by joe reinhart at headroom studios, philadelphia, pa
additional vocals for “i only…” recorded by dan anderson
mixed by chris gilroy
mastered by julian silva at on air mastering, brooklyn, ny
cover art by william douglass
all songs written and performed by sic bacchus except for violin in “useless” by lily sitron and “cue howard”, voice-over sample from network (1976)

sic bacchus is:
matt gilroy
louis weil
evan dormont

special thanks: chris gilroy, dan anderson, lily sitron, chris stach, ruben polo, ally newbold, secret plot, our friends & families



all rights reserved


Sic Bacchus Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: I Only Hit People Who Are Bigger Than Me
There's so much poison in my body
And the engine's leaking still
But no one dares remove it
They say when we can we will

Fluids pour eternal
There's no urge more powerful

Meanwhile the devil and god are raging inside of me
And I cannot wait to let this substance define me
Trapped in a dream
That yields no sleep
And morphine's so strong
It just makes me weak
Track Name: Long March
Said a father to his boy, “You’ll have to walk on your own or else we’re both going to die”, as he set his son down in the snow. But he couldn’t walk. So he sat and froze as they walked by.

And they marched.
That father hoped as he walked for a stronger man than I.
Track Name: Failure Statistics
If you never hope for anything you will always get just what you wanted.
Fuck what you needed.
If you forget everything that you always dreamed, but always knew you would never do, my (own) broken heart goes out to you.
It’s been two years or more and I still don’t know what I’m working towards.
Working is not working out.
This city is the devil that I know, and it’s so hard to get out of my home.
And working is not working out.
As optimistic as I am there is a very good chance that this is the best it’s ever going to get again.
Track Name: Letter From A Coward
Looking out
Across the land
Streams like pastures
Greener faster
But I head back home
Ashamed of what I’ve been shown
I lock the windows
and tend to my mosses and my mold
I am whole
in my hovel
my body’s dank
my skin is cold
it’s what I’ve known
I forgive the walls as they sag
now forgive me
I corrode

When the moment isn’t right
I’ll reach inside and try to cite
All of the damage we have lived
And our capacity to forgive

You know what it’s like when I’m alone?
It’s not pretty
Track Name: Restless
I can’t dream but you’ll tell me
Things aren’t what they seem
We are mothered but lack the nutrition
And we all sleep in the fetal position
We grope for air but come about breathless
The thought of it resting, I think myself restless
I can’t dream but you’ll tell me
Things are just what they seem
Track Name: Mass
I miss the days when we all crested
but now we crash like waves.
We all showed promise in our day
but now we are drowning in the wake.
You know we’re both a part of it.
We’ll be destroyed by it.

For me he is away and gone
From young boy launch to later on
Broken fingers, hollow thighs
Dead cells and absent eyes
Only a small village can
Basically protect its citizens
Now a human mass extends
Racing towards different ends
Lost and all where can we go
Without an answer for how's shown
Newer people grow so slow
Lose themselves in electric glow
Track Name: Ail Vigilant
For formed compassion for a man who ceased to be
I watched blood pour from his mouth, like wine into mine
I heard him speak to me
But I couldn't grasp his message
(And he goes)
Only later did I find it
But I can't speak of it here
Too many people are watching
Too many people are
Ailing vigilantly
Is the only way we'll ever be
If here he would say
I have one crown of power
I am the god of revelry
You knew me
-- Dedicated to W.G. Mastin
Track Name: The Tentacles Of A Mighty Octopus
Like the tentacles of the mighty octopus, they will grasp and draw both young and old into their embrace (into her embrace).

In the eyes of nothing I am no one and we will turn back into dirt.
At least now I know my place.
Track Name: Death-Affirming Monolith [with trumpet]
All the effort I sequestered
Never better In darker weather
Wearing leather
Birds of a feather fall together
Seeds to gather, would you rather
Lose your father
We are tethered, regions nether
Hold your blister underwater,
Clean in nature
I know one day I'll take up space
In a burial ground, just another box of bones
That'll never be found
My epitaph will read
Did great things
But not a good job
Leaving quicker, so much sicker
See me suffer without cover
Help me mother